INTRO / Biodiversity Observation Database

BioDiversity Observation Database (BODB) is a web-based platform for managing diverse observation data acquired from digital machines. Due to rapid development of digial technologies, most of people possesses cell phone equipped with GPS and high quality camera modules, BODB provide solution to utilize these machines. Moreover, pictures and its information originated from other digital devices including high-end digital cameras can be deposited into the BODB.

Data structure of BODB was designed to distinguish 'individual' or 'target' because whenever we try to observe organisms, we need to separate pictures or other collected data along with individual or target. Especially for picture, for example, many pictures with different angles should be needed to describe one plant individual correctly. Moreover, identifying plant speices based on pictures, finally we need pictures which present key features of that species. Because of these reasons, BODB allows us to take many pictures for one individual or target, constructing the conceptn of 'individual' in the database. Currently, BODB contains 70,487 individuals having 135,843 pictures (664.15 GB).

BODB aims for the community platform for collecting biodiversity data from many people. So we are providing Android App and developing iOS application for collecting pictures, GPS, and other information efficiently. Currently, 492 members are collecting data under BODB platform and 47 subsystems are ready for diverse researches and activities including BioBlitz. We will expand our activity coverage with BODB to become universial platform for systematic biodiversity data repository.

BODB provides analysis tools supported by GlobalScrap® which provides gateway interface to connect between analysis tools and collected data. Currently 0 tools are ready in GlobalScrap® and it will provides bridge functions including analyzing weather information, GIS function, molecular markers, genomes, and transcriptome data.